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The crybaby contingent has been heard from, I see.
How predictable. Those who disagree with you are "racist." Crybaby.
Yes, they love their country, for it is their home. They do not love "America" as she was conceived in the Declaration and established in the Constitution. There is a difference.
All true except for the reference to "Palestinians", an invented people. Israel's conflict is with Arabs who are sworn to her destruction.
There are no "Palestinians." The word you are searching for is "Arabs."
Because it is designed to fail.
having the right genes helps too.
This is precisely correct. "Obamacare" is designed to fail, and fail spectacularly, so that "single payer" (gotta love those leftist euphemisms) will be presented as the "only alternative."
Remove the profit incentive, and who you gonna get? Conscripts? Forced labor? You sound like one of Lenin's useful idiots.
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