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Democrats Lock Up Uterus Vote

dmacleo Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 11:28 AM
the plans (including flukes college) already provided it for medical reasons such as cervix cancer. they did not provide it purely for birth control for sexual reasons. IOW they would not subsidize a sl ut.

Longball38884 wrote: Won't it be great when the department of pregnancy can tie down every woman and force her to have her monthly ultra sound to PROVE she's not even thinking of having an abortion? -Another Excuse from Both Ways Barack

Dear Comrade Oddball,

There is only one party dumb enough to start a Department of Pregnancy and it’s not the GOP. 

How exactly would an “ultrasound” prove what a woman is thinking? Like most liberals, I think you are confused a bit by a woman’s biology. That part doesn’t do...