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Jackson want's to move to policy.Which mean's let make up more rule's to further restrict people's freedom and liberity.
The Government is the real terrorists and liberty haters how a days.When they call their own Patriotic countrymen terrorist we have a big problem in this corrupt Government.That is making deal's with Dictator's, Communist, and Socialist Foreign Country's that are in the U.N. To strip us of our constitutional rights.Like gun ownership and free speach for starters.These people are the real one's that are out to destroy America.The Government is scare to death of it own people.Why do you think they want your gun's.Because the liberial's and what you call Rhino's I call two faced back stabbing traitor's are doing things that they shouldn't be doing with our American sovereignty.
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The Next Sexual Revolution Has Arrived

dlakatos Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 8:10 PM
This debate is and exercise in futility.To many no it all that don't no nothing but what they think they no.Why don't everyone square off at ten paces and shoot at each other until one man is left standing. It would more productive.Because the last man standing will be the winer.But it still won't mean he knows everything or ever will.
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