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How many are paying for it?
Hey Harry, all of the false BS Obamacare propaganda is being paid for with my damn tax dollars.
This is what Obama really thinks:
I'll bet they don't have a problem with Cinco de Mayo.
That picture makes her look like the bride of King Kong with hemorrhoids.
Maybe the problem is that the translation to Spanish should have been to Mexican.
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Unemployment Drops to 7 Percent

dkramer Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 11:36 AM
318,000 of the November jobs were created by federal, state and local governments.
No people of color in the video... That explains it.
Applied for and chosen. So how many finished the purchasing process, how many are subsidized and, with 396,000 applying for Medicaid, what's the net loss to Uncle Sam?
And what are the percentages of Medicaid and other subsidized enrollments?
Perhaps they continue to think they'll make it up in volume. Not likely.
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