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The Paul Ryan Choice

dkeith Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 10:27 AM
Wow, I feel so honored, Dr. Sowell AND Rush agree with Me. I guess I am thinking RIGHT as usual.
This statistic comes from what source? Oh yes, another "Atmospheric Extrapolation" of the ignorant. (Atmospheric Extrapolation = Number from Thin Air)
The Luby's in question sold BEER. Perhaps that IS the Better Example. It WAsn't HER CHOICE at all if she was to OBEY THE LAW.
Your view coincides with those of our Founding Fathers. That makes us Terroorists, in some folks eyes.
The Old West's Dodge City Kansas saw many fewer murders-per-year in its wildest days than take place in Chicago, New York City, Detroit, or Washington DC on your average Weekend. I learned at Military Police School way back in 1969 that evil people do evil things, and the Police can only keep score. Prevention is Fantasy. You catch as many as you can after the ACT, and you pray the Evil Doers encounter an Armed Individual during their Next ACT. It makes keeping score much easier to find the Bad Guy dead at the scene, killed in self-defense by a Law-Abiding-Citizen.
Just who is it to deceide what is an EXTRAORDINARY quantity of guns? Some folks have greater appetites for works of ART than others, but no one other than their bankroll tells them when they have purchased too many. If someone takes up a hobby like golf do we critize those who have more clubs than are sanctioned for carry during Match Play? There are long periods when you don't see a need to purchase a new, or new to you, gun, but there are times when the bargain encountered just begs to be taken advantage of. Firearms have many uses, the most valuable is to Prevent Tyrany, or to Restore The Rule of Law to the Lawless. The Second Amendment is all of the law our Nation NEEDS on Guns.
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Sacrificial Scams

dkeith Wrote: May 18, 2012 11:14 PM
Government funds confiscated at the point of a gun (if you don't think that IS indeed the case try not paying taxes) does not acrue to your requirement to perform the charity called for by God. Charity is a VOLUNTARY event not one which you are forced to participate in by Government.
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