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Those three usually go hand in hand. However some may not be dumb just ignorant.
Let's see, what would a liberal say if a Billionaire was giving a lot of money to remove a black man from office, hummmmmm, can you say RACIST?
How many times does it take for the meeting to be adjourned because Lerner keeps pleading the fifth does it take for a Democrat to understand that the meeting is adjourned? It's like someone actually following through on how many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop. If it is adjourned it is adjourned, period. Besides don't start your argument with slander.
But it is called the Affordable Care Act so everyone should love it because der fuhrer says so.
Even though Romney was not my first choice of a Republican candidate he is really saying and doing some things that make me happy. His evaluations of events that he shoots first and aims second well he is right, he just aims so quickly that the left doesn't see it. Romney is five steps ahead of them on every issue.
How dare you complain about the meals that Michelle Obama demands you eat. You are fat and unhealthy you will do what you are told. You have no freedom to choose in her world! You are an infidel and must pay by eating this goulash, I mean goulash is not healthy enough you must eat this chemically engineered tofu.
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