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Bill Burton: We Completely Stand By Our Romney 'Cancer' Ad

Djvd Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 4:17 PM
SIMPLECAVEMAN: I agree, my best friend thinks bo walks on water, how can a intelligent person not see the damage, the lies and the incompetance of this impostor serving in OUR whitehouse???? I don't get it!!!

Greg pulled the clip last night and Allahpundit wrote it up, but it's worth revisiting for a few reasons.  I'll let AP set the stage:

The first 3:45 is just background stuff, so feel free to skip it, and (b) the rest of it represents quite possibly the most sustained bout of skepticism on cable TV towards an Obama mouthpiece that Team Hopenchange has had to endure in four years. If you can’t watch it all, just watch Burton for two or three minutes starting at 4:15.

The Obama campaign...