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White Privilege

djones Wrote: May 28, 2014 11:23 AM
Another great article Dr. Williams. Has this president brought us back to the 50 years of segregation?
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Obama Gives AZ Land Back to Mexico

djones Wrote: May 28, 2014 10:56 AM
Heir Obama has spoken. Not a shot was fired. Our freedom has been sacrificed at the cost of military treasures. Anti Americans have crossed the line in the sand for Communism.
Your seeing Liberalism fall on it;s face and Socialism rise to it's feet. When you read obama is bored, unconcerned, and disengaged, think again. He has grabbed health care and thereby gutted the treasury and the will of the people. Hillary left the State Department in shambles, and the skids are being greased for her coronation. MILLIONS want to see this happen. If we do not go door to door with our message, we deserve the consequences.
If you believe this is the depth of corruption, it will be available for two more years and consume decades taking this country to recovery.
And so Sotomayor, so be it. You just did not be found out, you bombed out. This is what fairness and common sense feels like.
DEPLORABLE! Banding together in a cluster to deceitfully destroy constitutional ethics is criminal. Obviously to plow through another stonewall investigation, this should be addressed through an independent hearing. Communism is the underpinning of Obama's presidential function. Damn, mad as he$$ being a victim.
Something from nothing = taxpayers dollars
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The Loony Anti-Keystone Campaign

djones Wrote: May 17, 2014 2:22 PM
It is Steyer or Keystone. Money makes all of Obama's decisions. And global warming is his best deflection when investigations are on the door step. He has a pen and a phone, and Fandango is the only cop in town. Your writing certainly makes since to proceed with the pipeline.
The Pain Street Media is stuck in brown stink up to their ears. Much criticism, to their delight, is paid to their absence. Patronizing oze and ahs and why's perpetrate their lack of obvious duty. It is what draws people to their attention. Is that the third rate news your looking for?
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A Way Out for College Kids

djones Wrote: Apr 23, 2014 6:02 PM
We Americans seem to be skirting around the problem with our students education. Priovate, public, and home schooling are all viable alternatives to education. American parents agree in the majority education is the prime driver to success. The undeniable driving force is the parents being mentors, to accept the fact their responsibility is a life long responsibility. Collectively, they will generate the attitude that failure to live up to this necessity of achievement will continue our dismal performance.
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