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Face it, we have government medicine. Sleep with dogs you get fleas. Would tell the younger generation how doctors did their best to get you well with no restrictions, You can not place a dollar value on good health and amateurs running the show. .
What a surprise.
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Can Racial Discrimination Explain Much?

djones Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 8:14 PM
Dr. Williams: You make the case very clear.
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Savings Blacks from Liberal Leaders

djones Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 4:57 PM
And for all their efforts the whites having been burned abandoned any connection that may have existed. Blacks had a choice of who to hook their wagons too.
Statistics from a well known insurance company cite 40% having under insured will not reopen for business and 20% will opt out for rebuilding. Just more taxpayer money for those on the dole using government assistance.
Good heads up to your readers. Pelosi continues to mire in the mud providing nothing but repetitive ignorance.
Apparently this was Ferguson's answer to Black Friday. The gutted out remains verify the stupidity of the rebellion that are the hallmark created in Washington's diversity program. Nothing resolved as we wait until the next cities choice peers it's ugly head of venom and hate. Ignorance at it's best!!!!
Wayne: Nothing more to add other than a good write.
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Elite Contempt for Ordinary Americans

djones Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 5:23 PM
One can ask, 'what was learned that contributed to the path of success'?
Schumer in denial? What ever was for, he is now not for. What ever he said, he now ignores. The disease of Liberalism has consumed an old timer. He is vintage at it's best grasping conservative ideals as his boss meets the pavement.
Take exception when McConnell implies "if Keystone fails to pass, later is fine." Now is the time, when Canada is still a nation. Accelerate the bill and lay it on obama's desk. Let us re-examine if cooperation is another lie. And, he has been promised an unlimited amount of campaign funds to the democratic party should Keystone fail.
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