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Boom: Romney Leads 51-44 in New Florida Poll - UPDATE: Up 7 In Virginia, Too

djmitch Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 1:04 PM
Biden must have been off his meds....or he needs to be prescribed some! He was uncontrollable and should have been shut down by the moderator. He has no class, no manners, and even though they say he has years of experience and knowledge, I simply don't see it! When Ryan pointed out that some things come out of one's mouth wrongly, he said "I always say what I mean", so does that mean those weren't gaffes?

This polling thunder bolt struck just a few hours before last night's Vice Presidential debate.  Whoa:

Barack Obama's lackluster debate performance last week has dramatically altered the presidential race in Florida, with Mitt Romney opening up a decisive 7 percentage point lead, according to a new Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9/Miami Herald poll. The survey conducted this week found 51 percent of likely Florida voters supporting Romney, 44 percent backing Obama and 4 percent undecided. That's a major shift from a month ago when the same poll showed Obama leading 48 percent to 47 percent — and a direct result...