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Christie: America Needs Leadership and Truth Telling

djmitch Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 12:13 PM
He is a loser, but you have to factor in just how stupid the American people are nowadays! They voted him in once, then alot complained and his record is horrible, but they will blindly do it again.

TAMPA, FL - In his RNC keynote address Tuesday night, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie emphasized the need for executive leadership and honesty in Washington and urged Americans to embrace Mitt Romney in November's presidential election.  He said that today's challenges require leaders who will prefer to be respected than loved, and that those leaders are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Though he seemed to pull some potential punches on the president (he never even uttered the word "Obama"), Christie slammed the incumbent's "absentee leadership" and spelled out the conflicting visions of the Republican and Democratic parties: