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ObamaTax: Taking a Look at 18 ObamaCare Tax Hikes

djaymick Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 12:37 PM
The way the insurance costs are going up, are we all going to own "Cadillac" healthcare plans by the time this tax goes into effect? As for the tax going up on people making over $200K and families over $250K, if the media had highlighted this fact, Obama would have a difficult time calling for tax increases on this group for infrastructure "investment". The GOP needs to hit this hard to take away the Democratic talking points in come fall. You know with the debt ceiling being close, the budget that has to be addressed, this will be the only talking point that will come out of Obama's mouth.

Yesterday I wrote about the medical device tax in ObamaCare that will destroy the medical device industry, innovation and jobs in America. I explained that although ObamaCare has been classified as a giant tax, there are many taxes within the bill that people may not realize now, but they'll sure realize them when their healthcare costs go up, not down as a result. The Heritage Foundation has produced an alarming new chart outlining and describing 18 specific tax increases in ObamaCare which start on January 1, 2013.