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Obama Ignores White House Press but Gives Exclusive to Entertainment Tonight

djaymick Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 11:50 AM
I have a question. I believe there are election laws that force television stations to give equal time to both candidates for President. The sitting President has always enjoyed the advantage of the White House press corps to get his message out, whereas the challenger never gets this airtime. Now that he has abandoned this, does every major outlet have the responsibility to provide equal coverage to Romney? If so, this is just another example of our "intellectually superior" President.

President Obama is hiding from the White House press corps. Since late June 2012, Obama has done two interviews, one with a sports talk radio station where he answered six questions which were all non-policy related and the other with Entertainment Tonight. Entertainment Tonight host Chris Jacobs bragged about co-host Nancy O'Dell receiving "unprecedented access" to the president, even riding in the presidential motorcade and getting a "closer look than any other show."



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