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What the GOP needs to do is get the Democrats/media on record telling the American people that this applies to those in the individual plans only. ("So, you're saying that there will be no cancellations in the employer insurance industry due to this law?") They can also question why the employer mandate was waived if it wasn't going to affect their policies to begin with. When that lie becomes transparent, it will make for great election videos.
I think it's time to let these people deal with the consequences. Make them teach on Christmas. If they want it out of the schools, then there should be no formal school holiday. See how that resonates with the people who do celebrate it. Plus, as much as I value privacy, we should see if these people put up Christmas trees or any other decorations. This will expose their hypocracy. Let them explain to their children why they don't celebrate Christmas, while their friends open presents that day.
Why does the AP describe 18-35 as "adults in the younger and healthier group", but describe people age 0-26 who are able to stay on their parent's insurance plan as "children"? The media loves to redefine words that suit their political agenda.
Just look at the "legalized" marijuana laws that states have enacted. Even though the state of California allows for the sale of marijuana, the federal government is arresting people who have set up dispensaries. The same goes for illegal immigrants. Even though the federal government has abandoned all deportations and arrests, in Arizona, Sheriff Arpaio still arrests illegals who have broken the law. The federal government has filed multiple lawsuits against him, but in August 2012 dropped all charges against him. So, you are absolutely correct to assume that federal laws on the books will supersede any executive diktat that that Obama will try to impose.
Okay, let's rename this ObamaFail. I'll bet this resonates with at least 5 million Americans.
There is no reason a child needs full access to the internet. I understand that the world is changing, but basic math and reading hasn't. I also understand that most people get their information from the internet. However, students should be focused on the classroom instead of the events happening in the world. If we want to upgrade our students to today's world, give them Readers. They can have all of their textbooks downloaded into them. If we give students internet access, most students will surf instead of learn.
If the GOP play their cards right, they will include tort reform and interstate commerce for the insurance companies. However, this will never happen because they are spineless jellyfish.
Great. Maybe they'll get killed in their embassy and the Democrats can say "Thanks for the campaign cash, but you're on your own".
Can they recall him? I can see a vote in a year.
Don't you love it when Democrats say "they're taking away your ability to make your own medical decisions" after they passed a healthcare law where "one size fits all"? Maybe if they cared about people making their won decisions, you wouldn't have these new lies coming out to defend the old lies.
First off, during the healthcare debates, Obama kept telling us that 30 million people need health insurance. Numbers have shown that 9 million people went to the website, about a third of his number. Why not anticipate that these individuals wouldn't at least look at the plans? Second, over the last year, we have seen many businesses drop insurance coverage and/or drop their hours of work. Why didn't they anticipate this? We all know that Obama gets his information like the rest of us, through the newspapers. Finally, can you imagine what this would look like if Obama kept the employer mandate in place? I wonder how many companies threatened to drop all their coverages and just pay the fine? We all know that it would be less costly to do this. I can imagine that the fines will be increased in order to prevent this.
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