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A ton of bricks that look like a red line in the sand? Maybe he can have Putin interject when the time comes again.
Where's the money coming from? Invoke Pay as You Go (Obama's law) and it could have better traction in court. This is not an emergency expenditure, the Democratic loophole that allows them to bypass the law.
With Federal prevailing wage laws, how many federal workers are making $10.10/hr? My guess would be fewer than you think. If you have ever worked with a company that received federal/state funds, the reporting requirements are very detailed. You must provide payroll information ensuring individuals are being paid the prevailing rate. If you fail to follow their guidelines, you are fined or lose the funding.
He takes every opportunity to blast the "new media", but uses them as an excuse in this instance.
Do you think this has to do with the recent Senate election in Kentucky? This was a seat that has been held by a Democrat for decades. Kim Humphries, the Democrat, had a 6 point lead a week before the election. Suzanne Miles, the Republican, made the election all about ObamaCare and won. If the Democrats want to believe they can campaign on ObamaCare next year, then it will be a major mistake by their party.
The "hoochie mama" is ticked off by the "choochie mama".
"Jobs saved", "selected plans", these are the liberal terminology for success. But, heaven forbid the GOP use these metrics.
"Established legal requirements" like allowing illegal immigrants to attend class?
Don't worry. By December 2014, when the Democrats lose their majority in the Senate, they will reverse course during the lame duck session. And then use their biggest bullhorn, the media, to castigate the GOP for trying to bring it back.
I think he's absolutely correct. Governors have to work with people on both sides of the aisle and have to "compromise" in order to get anything passed. The liberal left and the Tea Party right (not to demean anyone) will never get everything they want, but there is always a happy medium. That's the way this country has operated for over 237 years.
What the GOP needs to do is get the Democrats/media on record telling the American people that this applies to those in the individual plans only. ("So, you're saying that there will be no cancellations in the employer insurance industry due to this law?") They can also question why the employer mandate was waived if it wasn't going to affect their policies to begin with. When that lie becomes transparent, it will make for great election videos.
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