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If these idiots want to use New Hampshire as a scapegoat as they have in the past, they need to be reminded that our neighbors from the South, Mexico, is being run by drug cartels that are waiting for these laws to be passed. Does anyone think Mexico wouldn't do the same thing that they are blaming on New Hampshire? Does anyone think if guns are banned we won't have a "War on Guns"? If you don't believe that will happen, then they need to be reminded of illegal drugs that still make their way into the US.
Since the Census was completed in 2010, we should demand them to recreate what 2011 and 2012 would look like. This will present another challenge to the Obama Administration - did he lie about the number of uninsured.
In fairness to Democrats, it's the media that keeps asking such loaded questions. I know the Democrats control the mainstream media, but the stupid questions from the "impartial" media needs to stop.
And tort reform.
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Yes, Debt Matters

djaymick Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 12:47 PM
So, we have to worry about 100 years from now regarding climate change, but we can't look at 10 years from now when we could be insolvent? People need to worry about the immediate future and put our dollars into programs that will generate immediate benefits. This needs to be the discussion that the GOP needs to make.
The emails from the IRS are now considered "national security"? I guess the Republicans are now considered "homegrown terrorists". There is no reason for any redactions.
Throw her in jail, just like they do with reporters who refuse to give up their sources. Does anyone think Americans will feel sympathy for a government employee refusing to answer questions? Or hiding the truth from the American people? The GOP can use this against "the most transparent Presidency ever". Plus, it would put people in both the NSA and State Department on notice that they will not stand for "I don't know" answers, lying or pleading the fifth.
Who were the confidential informants? Have they been identified and fired? Did they have any ties to the ATF? These are the pieces that are missing in this story that need to be answered.
This was nothing but attention getting. Surprised "she had reporters around her beforehand? What people need to understand is that they are guest in their country. They may not agree with their government or politics, but that doesn't give them the right to disobey their laws. Enjoy the Olympics. It's not a political convention.
A ton of bricks that look like a red line in the sand? Maybe he can have Putin interject when the time comes again.
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