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It doesn't matter how many times you try to explain it to the moonbat dipsh!t dems...they still believe Tina Fey is Sarah Palin.
Excuse me Senator, but here is something that may help you when visiting the fence or for that matter, any state in the Union. There are four major points on a compass, that little thing with a needle which spins around and points to something lable with a N. That N means "North". If you can read, look it up in a dictionary. North means up on a map while "S" or South is down or the opposite of North. Now that we have that some what defined, South Dakota would be below North Dakota. Now, I find it highly dubious that you actually visited the fence border which is being constructed. You probably wondered away from your office and probably saw a fence that surrounds your parking lot. That fence is not the border fence!
The only thing they "speak" in politics is "political eubonics".
Why do you think they jumped on Sarah Palin's statement about being able to see Russia from Alaska, which is actually true. She never said that she could see it from her house. The Dems are completely ignorant of geography, not to mention everything else.
This is what happens when schools stop teaching the basics...geography, history, math, English, Science. We end up getting dumbazzes in the administration who don't have a clue. Odumbo thinking he has been to 57 states; this idiot, who thinks that S. Dakota borders Canada. It's going to get worse.
Eric Holder is so incompetent he makes Barney Fife look like Joe Arpaio.
Obama: "um, let me be real clear here, um, um, um, I didn't know anything that is going on because it's um, um, um, because um, people under me are um, um, um, doing things um, that I haven't um, sanctioned. Um and I shouldn't be um held accountable um, because these um people are um rogues. Um, and I shouldn't be held accountable um, because I don't know what um I am doing. Um, um um.
This so called "conservative republican" is someone the IRS and the Dems came up with to try and railroad the investigation. What is so outrageous is that they actually believe we are stupid enough to believe it. Well, the ones who actually voted for Idiot in Chief would believe it.
This entire administration is nothing but a "ship of fools" and Odumbo is the captain.
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Eric Holder: I'm Not Going Anywhere

djandle88 Wrote: Jun 06, 2013 1:35 PM
Rome wasn't built in a day, but it surely burned down in one!
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