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Well, that's a good question, O wiseone. Especially now that we know that PP doesn't perform mamograms in house, as they do abortions. We're a bit off topic, but now that we've landed in the abortion thicket, I wonder if black Americans, know that more than half of all black unborn babies end up as grist for the abortion mills. I don't wish to be told how bad America is treating blacks when they are the ones killing their race. Thanks, Dave
nodeamass: Abortions on demand, unfortunately are legal. So, your answer in dealing with the bodies of the murdered unborn children would be . . . what exactly? Soylent Green, perhaps? No, I think that a public landfill would be okay with you. BTW, Stericycle made the money, not Romney, personally. Yes we need a business savy president. Romney's success rate at Bain Capital was 80%. You forgot to mention 2 other companies Romney helped create and saved. Staples was opened with venture capital from Bain and my favorite company, rescued by Bain, is Baskin-Robbins. I'm flagging everything you write, troll. Thanks, Dave
Correct, Primus. Keep up thye good work. Thanks, Dave
Anne, the only point he has is the one under his hat. I'm flagging empty cavity (brain cavity) for the off-topic prog/lib/dem he truly is. If you and others want to argue with the brainless one, I suggest that you use crayons. You know how well their ilk responds to the pretty colors which, causes them to experience euphoric recall of their K-12 public school days of indoctrination and social promotions.
Liar! 1 Thanks, Dave
If you think Gary Johnson is conservative, you are barking up the wrong tree. So, if in your voting district, Obama wins by, say, 2 votes, you and someone like you tacitly voted for Obama. Sleep on that, proggie! Thanks, Dave
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