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Don't Get Carried Away About Clinton

DixT Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 10:54 AM
"The slate of "Repub" candidates for President looked like a comedy sketch. If the Repubs ever hope to regain the respect and cred. they once had they need to reject those who practice the politics of grievance-mongering, "payback time" and "getting even with Obama." Uh. . . . .you just described Obama, who got re-elected by DOING THOSE SAME THINGS!!!!!!!

Here we go again, it's "American Idol: Presidential Edition." And we can't even resist waiting until 2012 is over.

Since the Republican Party clearly needs to amp up its Hispanic outreach, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is a leading contestant for their team. And Hillary, oh Hillary, she is inevitable all over again.

Pundits on left-leaning MSNBC who once cast her aside in 2008 are now expecting her to be their next candidate. After viciously attacking the GOP during this year's presidential election, The National Organization for Women is now insisting that President Obama's cabinet be filled with at least 50 percent women secretaries...