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Rubio's Immigration Strategy Worked Brilliantly, But Disappointed Many

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 10:23 PM
Sadly, if this Country continues on the current path it has exhibited over the past six months, voting booths will not be crowded in many traditionally "conservative" voting precincts come November of 2014. Why show up to vote when the people you placed your trust in, "sold you down the river". Rubio is currently enshrined as a "darling" of the left, kinda John McShamish, conversely, for rank and file conservatives/libertarians, he is viewed as a traitor. Watch in the coming days as Boehner & Company send a watered down House immigration bill to the conference committee which subsequently will be unrecognizable following House/Senate negotiations. Those elected but not supporting the final legislation, will be outnumbered three to one and we will have a immigration bill become law which makes ObamaCare look like child's play. Better start putting some money under the mattress, for you're gonna need it.....