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President Obama Reluctantly Embraces President Obama's Idea

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 10:05 PM
What has become most interesting over the past three weeks, liberals (Democrats) are bickering amongst themselves. What happened to the old unified liberal position - "all for one and one for all"? As the wheels are now beginning to wobble on the Obama wonder bus, liberal petty infighting has moved from behind closed doors to a more public venue. Liberals are finding that trying to juggle too many balls at one time can lead to an incremental exodus of support by a cynical public. Obama, a bravo sierra salesman giving away free samples. The libs have got to love the tactics of their amateur-in-chief.....
Dave M Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 10:54 PM
What happened is the Republicans- for once- decided not to cave and let the sequester happen. Low and behold- the American people found disaster, fire and brimstone did not follow and the Dems were caught with egg on their face.
Alas and Alac- once was enough for Boehner-went right back to believing he can negotiate with Obama in good faith. Can't figure out why -unnerved by victory?
jnovak692 Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 3:27 AM
mr Boehner needs to wear back support since his spine is NOT strong enough to hold him up!! Many of his ilk fill the republican party and this talk of re-branding is only for them to maintain their illusion of power rather than standing on principles.
This re-branding from the weak minded boehner will result in more defeats, unless they STOP giving Obama what he wants and take obamacare and toss it in the garbage pile where it belongs, and that's just for starters!!

President Obama's budget proposal is due out next week. We've already got a relatively good idea of what he's going to propose - more spending, more taxes, maybe some hints of deficit reduction. It also looks like President Obama will propose a statistical adjustment to Social Security's adjustment formula - moving to the chained consumer price index (C-CPI) - that the Obama Administration has long portrayed as an important entitlement reform.

What is a C-CPI reform, exactly? It would peg Social Security cost-of-living adjustments to a different - and, economists say, more accurate - form of inflation. The practical effects...