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Party Like It’s 1978: Governor Jerry Brown And The Same Ol’ Failed Ideas

Dixiedrifter Wrote: May 27, 2012 3:56 PM
It will be interesting to contrast the incremental financial disintegration of California while at the same time observing the resurrection of Wisconsin's fortunes as its economy begins to grow exponentially. Salute to Wisconsin's Governor Walker, as for Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown - go suck an egg. California - the classic example of an electorate whose Ignorance and stupidity repeatedly elects dimwits who take you from the top of the mountains to the top of the garbage pile while at the same time, boasting of the improved "quality of life". If you think the situation in California can't get much worse, wait till next year, taxes will be higher and the taxpayers fewer in numbers... Gotta luv it......
Serpentdove Wrote: May 27, 2012 4:42 PM
Hey: I DID NOT vote for the idiot a$ $hole moonbeam. I am a voice in the wilderness in California, but I do know others like me. What I do not understand is that there are SO MANY IDIOTS concentrated in one state.

Taxes must be raised.

Either that, or teachers and cops will be laid-off, and the people of California will suffer. 

So says Governor Jerry Brown, as he seeks to convince Californians that they should vote themselves higher taxes. The Golden State’s circumstances are dire, yet Jerry Brown is facing the crisis with an approach that’s nearly forty years old.  He was saying this same thing – leveling these same threats - back in 1978.

We’ll go back to the 70’s in a moment, but first let’s put California in its current context. Despite how anybody feels about...