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“One-Third of Fourth Graders are Functionally Illiterate”

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 9:15 PM
Imagine, in another six years fifty percent of our fourth graders will be functionally illiterate. In another fifteen years, our country will be inhabited by a majority of young folks, who at present day, could be identified as dumb axes. The best this country ever produced has come and gone. With a national spending problem and a dysfunctional Congress, another world power will likely assume control of our nation as it will become populated with mind-numbed dimwits.

The U.S. education system is failing our kids and has been for decades. Thus, the first step towards solving this problem is admitting that we have one. And we certainly do -- as AFP’s Casey Given points out in his op-ed in The Hill today:

Since 1983, the freshmen high school graduation rate has increased a measly 1.8 percent. Meanwhile, student achievement on the National Assessment of Educational Progress has stagnated, dropping by 1 point in reading and increasing by merely 4 points in math among 17-year-olds from the early 1980s to 2008. Today, one-third of fourth graders are...