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On Tap for Wednesday: Gun Control From the Oval Office

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 10:08 AM
This prime time "made for TV" charade, is SOP for Obama and his legions of dumbed down sycophants. Our public, whose majority is now beholden to government handouts, marches in lockstep with the "Pied Piper from Chicago". For those who don't subscribe to this feigned nonsense, stock the larder and keep your powder dry for this country's intellectual do-gooders are h*ll-bent on eliminating your Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Their misguided belief that a gun-free Amerika will eliminate any and all physical conflict between individuals is nothing more than wishful thinking. Leftists are not rational thinkers, it's in their genes. To them, removing the mentally unstable from our streets would be considered cruel and inhumane.

It's Wednesday and at 11:45 this morning, President Obama will unveil new plans for gun control through executive order while surrounded by children. He's expected to call on Congress to ban semi-automatic "assault" rifles and high capacity magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. He'll also ask for universal background checks. Up to this point, Obama has been vague about what exactly his executive orders will include, but we'll find out today.

According to a lobbyist briefed Tuesday, Obama will present a three-part plan focused on gun violence, education and mental health. He'll call for: