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Father of 6-Yr-Old Sandy Victim Gives Powerful Testimony: "The Problem Is Not Gun Laws"

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 5:54 PM
The press, liberal members of our Congress, numerous Mayor's & Police Chief's throughout the nation along with Obama and millions or stupefied citizens, will summarily discount Mr. Mattioli's comments as those of a deranged and confused parent. The libs have made up their minds, the eradication of guns is like hitting the mother lode as it relates to ending any and all types of violence in this country. It's the old "one size fits all" mentality nurtured and promoted by the left as a means to solve any and all problems facing our society. The fact that numerous unenforced laws against criminal behavior haven't removed gun-wielding street thugs from our streets is simply ignored by libbies, the press and their sycophantic supporters.

Mark Mattioli on Monday in Hartford, Connecticut speaking in front of a gun violence task force. Mattioli receives a standing ovation at the end of his testimony in which he declares that more gun laws are not the solution--the massacres are only the "symptom" he says.