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Today's being serving leftover grits, tasteless and unappetizing....
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1 in 5 Americans on Medicaid

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 9:30 PM
Today, a majority of America's populace behaves like your family dog....they are dependent on our government's benevolence in order to survive. These hapless ignorant souls have been "potty trained" by liberals to come to expect their every care will be provided by "da gubberment." These ingrates now expect someone else to "carry the water" while they are absorbed in living the good life. Wait another two years, the Medicaid rolls will be double what they are now, liberals will see to it,,,,,,
We may have to cut Obama some slack.....with frequently scheduled tee times, photo op appointments, delivering speeches to liberal arts college nitwits and hiding, it doesn't leave much time to do the people's business......
And remember, leftists don't believe it their personal responsibility to protect one's self.
The same nitwits who support this nonsense, wouldn't think twice about declining a request to walk down a darkened street in some high-crime area of NYC, Miami or LA. Duh.....are we a nation of idi0ts in this country or what?
Today's students (from kindergarten through college) are not taught how to think. Their "education" is nothing more than a continuing regurgitation of leftist principles and doctrine spewed from the mouths of over-compensated intellectual idi0ts. Asking these lunkheads to solve a math problem using long division, or enlighten us with some detail as to how it came to be why our country utilizes three branches of government......These dumbstruck morons will stand silent, with a "deer in the headlights" look on their faces not knowing how to respond. After a brief moment of silence, they will counter, "what's so important about that anyway?" My Dad used to say "something times nothing = nothing"
Many in our country, are familiar with the story about the "Boy who cried Wolf". Democrats with their disingenuous mode of operation, have reached a point, where the pain and suffering inflicted on our populace outweighs promises of future entitlements, largesse and/or enticements. A large majority of our people consider themselves worse off today than four years ago. Democrats claiming that Republicans, white folks, the rich, big business and homophobes have created or caused their current longer holds water. Even our Millennial demographic, a majority of which, who are devoid of the power to use basic common sense, have grown sour on Democrats who promise a plethora of goodies......but never seem to deliver. Voter's patience has run out for Democrats and their brand of control. I see November's election aftermath as one where the flow of Democrat blood will be in evidence throughout our nation's towns, boroughs and the hinterlands......similar to what this country experienced in November of 1994. Exploitation of a people using deceit and manipulation of the facts as a means to acquire power....has its consequences.
The dumbstruck of our Country, this includes the intellectual idi0ts who reside at our places of higher learning, are just beginning to seen the light come on. Shazam, who'd at thunk it? As we move forward, the price of healthcare will escalate while the quality of services rendered will regress to that of third world status. Don't believe it, ask any eighty year old about his government mandated insurance coverage (Medicare) which no longer covers cancer treatments? Sooner rather than later, if you desire quality health care, you'll pay for it out of your own pocket. Stay healthy.....
Some of those "not yet affected" will see their jobs eliminated as we move forward with this albatross of an affordable health care program. It's going to get far worse before this "Rube Goldberg" legislation is modified, replaced or eliminated.
Surveys and polls are outcome-based exercises. Ever view a polling or survey review which didn't have an agenda?
@Mark442 There is a shift all right, this demographic will remain preoccupied with themselves and stay home come election day. Millennial mindset - why waste time exercising one's right to vote when Dems won't deliver their promised largesse. There is a difference between being dumb and exploited.....Millennials haven't figured this one out yet.
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