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This is comical, the eighteen thru thirty-five bunch possess just a smiggen more intellect than either the Hollywood crowd or their mothers. These desperate efforts have been designed to target low information minority segments of our population as every other demographic has expressed their displeasure with ObamaCare. This exercise makes about as much sense as attempting to explain to your to operate a motor vehicle. Fortunately, this continued behavior by Obama and his legions of dimwits, will help provide a means to usher in control of both Houses of Congress to the Republicans.
It will be but a few days before Attorney General Holder is all over the State of Mississippi like a cheap suit. Depriving any demographic, particularly one which is predominately a minority, is considered discriminatory and can't be allowed. Removing drug usage from our society is now considered taboo, in fact, Obama and his ilk now promote "legal drug consumption" as a means to reduce racial inequities in our nation's penitentiaries. Good Luck Mississippi.....
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Obama says health care program stable

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 10:43 AM
The belief that because someone has "signed up", assumes they will continue to be a paying customer, is like counting your chickens before the eggs hatch. The bean-counters tabulating the ACA enrollment numbers, have no clue how many of its "enrollee's" actually made a premium payment. Further more, our dumbed down society, for the most part, has no clue as to what their responsibilities will be should they decide to utilize the services provided by ObamaCare. Imagine showing up at the hospital, scheduled for corrective breast augmentation surgery, only to be informed there is a $7,200.00 deductible which must be paid before ObamaCare covers anything? Once America's herd of dimwits understands ObamaCare is not the bargain they have been promised, the monthly amount of ACA premium payments received by insurance companies, will slow to a trickle. It's truly amazing that after five months of 24/7 coverage on this topic, America's public continues to remain stupefied as to the basics concerning the implementation of ObamaCare. Humans are the only mammals on earth who expect somebody else to provide personal comfort and welfare on a continuing basis. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
Observe a class of kindergarteners being directed to put on their raincoats......the resulting dysfunctional action resembles that what takes place daily, at our Department of Health and Human Services operation. The disorientation at HSS constitutes what should be identified as a governmental cluster foxtrot!
As the article states, Millennials by nature, are distrusting and self-centered......after all, it's in their DNA. Taking this fact into account, Millennials seem to glum onto any pledge, promise or offer which in someway, shape or form, will benefit their existence. We have experienced several examples where the display of "raw greed" by this demographic, has erupted to a point, where proactive thinking and common sense is all but ignored. Obama and his ilk subscribe to the premise that a disparate concentration of our populace.....comprised of the poor, ignorant, young, stupid, downtrodden and greedy, will repeatedly fall, hook, line and sinker, for each and every promise of seemingly utopian-like largesse. Sadly, Millennials never have been exposed to the concept of "earning something". Their existence evolves around the concept.....almost anything of consequence is either deserved or guaranteed. With Millennials self-centered nature, Obama firmly believes that by throwing enough candy at these dimwits, he can convince them to show up come election day and pull the trigger for candidates who will continue with the tradition of free spending and the disbursement of largesse. P.T. Barnum opined, "There's a sucker born every minute."
Why would anyone listen to anything Obama has to say? His relevancy today has less influence than a bag bag filled with rotting garbage.....
The problem is, too many transplants from California and other left coast metropolitan wastelands continue to reelect this fool. John McCain had one too many bowls of rice....
Listening to the pontificators of Wall Street fame verbally gyrate from hither to there, leads one to believe these purported purveyors of information haven't the foggiest idea what's going on. Where's the beef, Clara?
Obama is doing everything in his power to remake Jimmy Carter into looking like an absolute political genius......I am betting Obama's polling numbers will continue, at light speed, to head south.
When rats infest a barn.......burn the structure to the ground and haul away the debris
Keep the faith.....but here is a sobering statistic, well over fifty percent of our population, to this day, doesn't think there is anything wrong in America.
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