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Will Obamacare Cost You Your Job?

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 11:32 AM
A relative of mine just lost her job in the healthcare industry. As a pediatric LPN, she received a pink slip and severance pay two weeks ago as her employer did/does not handle Medicare/Medicaid patients. Guess what, ObamaCare insurers are no longer covering many of the procedures and services previously a result, a dramatic reduction in revenue collections. End result......five people lost their jobs which they thought secure with the implementation of "ObamaCare." This same scenario will be repeated over and over as we move forward with ObamaCare. So much for America's resurgent's a mirage folks. excuse that keeps on giving......
Israel needs to keep "the boot" on the throat of Hamas......until it stops breathing. Lock and load! John Kerry is a pompous windbag.....a perfect stable mate for our narcissistic "Peter Pan" like President.
Ya gotta be careful these days what with the "thought police" monitoring these websites....Schmuck is in but "Dickie Bird" won't fly....
Our fearless leader, not to be out done, decides he is now the purveyor of news for the U.S. population. What a schmuck........
Actually Obama enjoys being the "loner". What he doesn't like, is being held culpable for his participation if the end results of his effort, casts him personally in an unfavorable position. We have seen evidence of this on numerous occasions, ie. ObamaCare, (if you like your doctor, you can keep him) the Arab Spring fiasco and most recently, the shutting down of our government (budget impasse). As the border imbroglio mushrooms out of control, the number of those affected within our population, will further alienate Obama from rank and file members of our society. Obama sees himself in the same light as that of an entertainer, what's important, "it's really about the show"......nothing more. Obama, during the remainder of his term, will find himself aligned with the losing side a majority of the time. Wall Street is standing in "high cotton" at the moment while the rest of America experiences an Obama reapportionment of our Country's quality of life. As a consequence, for Obama and his ilk, the best of times are behind them. You will see a more "toxic" demeanor on display as Obama is forced to defend his "go it alone" strategy. Most people, even rabid liberals, will avoid clinging to a sinking ship surrounded by man-eating sharks.
Obama only attends functions which directly benefit him. The illegal alien children who are entering our border towns and cities provide no positive benefit for Urkel, as such, he will avoid the yielding to a skunk crossing a busy highway. Why at this late hour, would anyone consider Obama beginning to act presidential?
Chitcago.......the soon to be "New Detroit" located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Only the human vermin will remain.
@ Bear Koala.....The above mentioned haven't yet found a base who will support them. Go figure?
The jobs report from the BLS should be considered as bogus. If you quit looking for work you are no longer counted as unemployed, maybe these folks should be considered as "deceased"? The real unemployment rate is approximately double what the shills working for Obama report from the BLS. Contrary to the bravo sierra offered up by our sycophant MSM, America's economy is underwater. Not sure what will trigger the sudden implosion of our stock market, but you can take it to the bank that a major correction is on the horizon. The Fed can no longer "fix" our economy as they have no more cards in their hand. Believing that creating "artificial" inflation will somehow create a rising tide that lifts all delusional. The U.S. economy is encumbered with a myriad of government mandates and regulations which snuffs the life out of the ability of private enterprise to grow and prosper. It's a no-brainer? Too bad the intellectual m0r0ns occupying Washington D.C. can't see the light. It will take a major evisceration of our current sitting Congress in order to right America's ship. Hoping things will get better ain't gonna cut it folks. Sit on your hands come November and your worst nightmare will be realized. There is no slack left in the rope...... oversize equivalent of President Urkel!
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