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Bloomberg, using typical liberal think-speak, believes the success in promoting a continuing anti-gun campaign, is contingent upon the amount of monies directed towards the effort....more money = more success? In America today, with each succeeding multi-death incident involving a firearm, almost without fail, the perpetrator is subsequently identified as some sort of mental "nut case." Bloomberg and his cronies conveniently ignore this glaring fact. If the same effort was put forth to restrict the movements of unstable members of our society as has been exercised attempting to remove guns from the hands of our citizenry, Americans as a whole, would act/feel much more secure. Bloomberg and his ilk could care less about gun confiscation, their real motive, gaining control of your ability to live life as you choose. These type's of people are not happy unless every aspect of your existence is under their control. The greatest fear of freedom-loving people in our country......the growing number of intellectual m0r0ns who glum onto the hyperbole that a society free of guns, will rid itself of acts of aggression against one another. A liberal's thought process....outlawing automobiles would eliminate all vehicular fatalities. Never to be considered by these mindless twits however, the fact that death rates for those fatally kicked by a mule, will soar exponentially. Give what you can to the NRA as our government no longer supports protecting you freedoms.....
The left (including various government bureaucracies) is busy crafting a backdoor strategy which will "castrate" the ability of Cliven Bundy and his followers to further any attempt, on their part, to offer input as it relates to management of Nevada range land. The BLM in this case, mistakenly believes the land in question belongs to a bunch of government bureaucrats to do with as they please. Somewhere along the line, these intellectual midgets lost the premise that our United States "is of the people", "by the people" and "for the people." Get ready for some premeditated clandestine action delivered by our friends at the BLM in an attempt to thwart the recent "moral victory" secured by Bundy and his supporters.
This is the typical mindset of a liberal whose decision-making process is controlled in its entirety based on "feelings." Should we for instance, show compassion or sympathy towards someone who drives down the interstate against traffic just to see what will happen......and then ends up at the county morgue? For people like Danielle, it comes as a shock that actions have consequences. Too bad we have such large numbers of total nitwits populating America today. Grin and bear it Danielle, it will only get better for you and your ilk with the noose being tightened as ObamaCare reaches full implementation....Dutifully serving America's "brain dead" majority....Obama's legacy.
Liberals are confused, Chitcago city officials remain in a funk and the general public is duh.....dumbfounded. How could allowing CC, in other words, inhabitants carrying a firearm, possibly contribute to lowering the murder rate......who'd a thunk it? Don't worry, the left, behind closed doors, is busy cooking up a theory which abliterates any possibility legalization of CC has contributed significantly to lowering Chitcago's homicides. Could this be another unidentified residual benefit somehow linked to the implementation of ObamaCare?
Republican'ts are just that, they can't develop any talking points, election strategy, or even find a men's room in the Capital building. Go watch a herd of Buffalo for a day and you'll be educated as to how Republicans function.....it's a disaster!
News flash Obama.....only the entitlement crowd is living your dream. Everyone else can't wait until you and your battalion of intellectual midgets hit the exit door.
The left is salivating as we work our way towards November fourth of this year. Liberals sincerely believe the average inhabitant in this country is so stupid that a steady diet of verbal manure is all that is required to convince these mindless nitwits Democrats are their salvation. Today we received the March jobs report, 193,000 jobs created. Seven hours later, the DJIA dropped one-hundred sixty points.....according to Wall Street Guru's, the sell off was initiated by a less than hoped for jobs report. Democrats are experts at setting the stage, tell a gullible public the sky is falling and follow this up, when appropriate, with utopic sounding announcements heralding "a new day is coming." The masses of intellectual dummies roaming our country will glum onto this prattle, hook, line and sinker. Obama will proclaim if we just initiate more spending for government programs and raise taxes on the wealthy, good times will return post haste. There is no cure for stupid......
Obama has nothing left in the tank. His administration hasn't be able to accomplish much of anything ie...including the creation of jobs, growth of our economy, controlling the rate of Federal spending etc. ObamaCare is, and will continue to be, a bad joke perpetrated upon the American people by an elected group of intellectual m0r0ns. Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2014, our "leader-in-disguise" will be about as popular as a skunk invading a family reunion....
And we wonder why our nation's youth can no longer learn basic math skills.....duh!
What is truly amazing......listening to Obama & Company annoyingly crow from the rooftops as to the number of ACA applications which have been received on an almost daily basis, but as of this moment, claim to remain ignorant when questioned as to how many of those who signed up, actually made their initial premium payment? I would venture a guess, a large majority of these "signee's"have yet to remunerate their ACA provider. Couple this fact with the likelihood that many who applied for ACA coverage will subsequently be directed, for various reasons, to Medicaid. Today, many in our society believe it their inalienable right to receive preferential treatment from our Government based on their legal status, gender, ethnicity, income or sexual orientation......after all, It's the American way. This is akin to sending out wedding invitations with RSVP attached....you feel good because you sent out invitations, but until such time as the wedding takes place, you have no idea who will show up, regardless of the commitments. The problem ObamaCare will face, the unintended consequence that insurance providers will experience a negative cash flow, as the number of claims ultimately overwhelms the system. Enrollment in ObamaCare for most people has closed. Unfortunately, a large contingent of those who have applied but have not yet made their first premium payment, believe they will receive government mandated health insurance coverage for "free" or at a minimal cost. For these folks, the devil is in the details. A groundswell of discontent will be forthcoming from the hinterlands....it's just a matter of time. Once the insurance companies begin to experience "a run on the bank" Obama & Company will be quick with their attempts to issue a series of "executive orders" hoping to stop the bleeding. The debilitating affect ObamaCare will have on healthcare providers and doctors is a story for another day.....ObamaCare's effectiveness will wind up like every other federal program since the "New Deal" over-regulated, underfunded, over budget, wrought with fraud and has a snowball's chance in hail of delivering as intended.
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