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CNN Poll: Obama Underwater on Key Issues

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 1:47 PM
Write this down, Obama will spend the balance of his second term schmoozing in front of MSM camera's, surrounded I might add, by large numbers of sycophant's fawning over our leader's every word. It should be obvious, even for low-information voters, Obama is like a circus performer, his sole objective is to provide what he believes to be, a form of "political" entertainment. Promising utopia is more fun than rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business. With Obama continuing a heavy schedule of campaign like photo appearances, numerous vacations and frequent trips to the golf course, it doesn't leave him much time for performing the duties of President. Meanwhile, our mostly dependent society continues to eat this stuff up......

The good news for Obama admirers?  He's back at 51 percent overall approval in this survey -- as opposed to quite a lot of early 2013 polling.  The bad news?  His approval rating is upside down on virtually every major issue:

Economy: 44% Approve, 54% Disapprove

Federal Budget Deficit: 38% Approve, 58% Disapprove

Taxes: 46% Approve, 52% Disapprove

Illegal Immigration: 44% Approve, 50% Disapprove

Gun Policy: 45% Approve, 52% Disapprove

Health care policy: 44% Approve, 54% Disapprove