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Clues and Questions About the Boston Bombings - UPDATE: Obama Plans Trip to Boston

Dixiedrifter Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 11:24 PM
It now appears as if we learned nothing from the terrorist acts committed on 9/11. It has become quite obvious, our law enforcement agencies were/are clueless regarding the ability of terrorists to commit acts of terrorism on U.S soil. While our dysfunctional Legislative and Executive Branches of Government are racing at break-neck speed to further diminish our border security (illegal amnesty) and restrict the ability of its citizens to defend themselves (anti-gun legislation) terrorists, domestic or otherwise, are provided with a "free pass" as it relates to the commission of acts of violence and carnage. Oddly, our law enforcement, along with various Executive Branch talking heads attempt to claim some sort of hollow "victory"?

ISTANBUL - I've just arrived in Turkey with a small delegation of American journalists, and many of our hushed conversations have been about yesterday's terrorist attacks in Boston, where twin bombings left three dead and wounded more than 170 -- with more than a dozen people still in critical condition.  As we've seen at home, Turkish television has been broadcasting now-familiar amateur video clips of the blasts on a virtual loop.  Anchors ask the ubiquitous question: "Who did this?"  More than 24 hours later, no group or individual has claimed responsibility for the bombings, and US authorities may...