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no foreign national should have a job in this country as long is there is an unemployed American citizen seeking that job. If American citizens are not available or not willing to accept the job then it could be made available to someone else. If a qualified American citizen applies for a job held by a foreign national then that foreign national should be terminated or shifted aside to accommodate that American citizen. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. When my daughter moved here from a rural area where almost everything available paid minimum wage, she applied where I worked. They employed around 85-90% foreign nationals, all of whom I assume were here on legal work visas. Despite her qualifications they would not accept her application.
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if those policies were implemented in the U.S. they would be racist. Most illegal aliens in this country are living better than my wife and I , both on Social Security and me a an 80% disabled veteran. Yes we take care of our own- NOT.
And of course our government gives the government of Mexico millions each year to help fight the WAR ON DRUGS. The top executives of Mexico are laughing while in the same hand they are collecting payoffs from the drug cartels to close their eyes or even participate in drug trade. This country DOES NOT want to eliminate drugs from our streets as it would put too many police, lawyers, judges, counselors, jailers prison guards out of work not to mention those same officials who are putting those same drugs back on the streets several times.
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