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ROFLMBO!!! Exactly!! She'll be 65 by the time she graduates 12th grade, and then just in time to retire and mooch off the system.
Ya, I'm sure the gay community will start "scratching her eyes out" after hearing that one. The more this idiot talks, the more she puts her foot in her mouth. Shes like our POTUS and VP.
I also read earlier today that his great grandfather is BLACK....HUH??? WHAT??? I'm sure the blacks dont know that.
Well, I'm sure she knows something, since it took her 9 years to finish 8th grade
I'm just glad that Senator McCain isn't letting this thing go. If it wasn't for him and maybe two others, it would get washed over like everything else.
Interesting. So, then Bill Clinton, then president and also Commander in Chief, can have an affair and go untouched? But this guy can't???? Some people have WAY too much power, thats for sure.
Either way, the Bush tax cuts end this year. Sadly.
IF Romney gets in, he said it will be the FIRST thing on his list to end. My fingers are crossed, thats for sure.
Obama and Biden were INDICTED!!! I wonder how many Americans know that just a few days ago, obummer and big mouth biden were indicted??? Yup. heres the link: http://obamaballotchallenge.com/obama-and-biden-indicted-by-florida-grand-jury
When will people realize, that while Mitts placing well done ads all over the place, obummer is rigging the voting machines??? He didn't care about the ads, he only got to where he's at now, by cheating, so why would he change now? He wont. Trust me, if this race is close, its because he's cheated MORE than we know.
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