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I'm totally with you on that one, Bliefus. I suggest adding, too, any politician whose brazen lies are both provable and materially damaging. This Prezzy immediately comes to mind.
Agree! Let's keep the Convention of the States process moving along. Keep hammering away at your local state legislators.
YES, indeed!
Thank you, Michael. Derek has a very sound proposal here that should be considered in the hoped-for Convention of States. We have to make that happen, working through our respective state legislatures. One additional feature I'd like to add to several of the new liberty-type Constitutional amendments being proposed: Any "Emergency"-type actions still being permitted (and Derek references such a circumstance in his essay; war declarations being an easy example) will be strictly TEMPORARY - expire each April (tax-filing month) and October (elections ahead). Such "emergency" actions may, of course, be renewed. However, the ruling class will be forced to be even more persuasive to we the people every six months.
Those talented poor-family kids deserved better, of course. And that school deserved to go out of business, its marginal "teachers" sacked. Appears to describe a most-appropriate SCHOOL VOUCHER district. Allow the more-responsible parents to seek out better opportunities for their children.
Ouch. Good one, Loyal. Once again uncomfortably close to the mark.
Very nice skewering of the @GOP "leadership", Patriot. We will still new some Democrats to come to their senses - you know, like actually caring for their country - or at least care about staying in office, to stand up to The Man and support impeachment + conviction. They're out there, we know that. All patriots in their districts or states need to find them, target them, and persuade them.
#DumpAllDems . . .
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Is the French Revolution Our New Model?

Disco Stu_ Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 10:21 AM
Not sure about that Docky. Perhaps a kindler-gentler less-lethal American-style of punishment by humiliation. (True, something not so easy with this generation of politicians.) How about chaining to public stocks? For even just a couple of hours, publicly televised, that might work. We and the rest of the rabble can pelt the offender with rotten vegetables.
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Let’s Privatize Medicare

Disco Stu_ Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 7:51 AM
Sorry - too rational. And selfish. Possibly #Racist too. And you probably wouldn't be contributing to subsidies for your uncle's hysterectomy, and that wouldn't be "fair".
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