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Here's a great benefit I don't think Kurt mentioned: Feedback. Hearing back from us, paying attention to our pointed questions. And even - maybe - giving a straightforward answer to one of those pointed questions. They might find out that most of this conservative base considers a particular potential candidate a genuine tool. Even the consultants can't ignore that forever. A question such as this: By what % do you want to see total federal spending LOWER at the end of your first term? Stu_ ... Out!
Dear French Muslims, It's been fun, I know, but we're reasserting full authority over your "no-go" neighborhoods before Bastille Day. It's possible, then, that you'll find your lives more suitable back in your home cultures. So here is your free govt.-prepaid train ticket to Marseille and another for your boat trip back to Algeria. Good luck to you all. Sincerely, French Citizens, Culture & History
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Washington Power Is Flowing Away

Disco Stu_ Wrote: Dec 26, 2014 7:31 AM
Was holding my breath, waiting for you to tell us how fabulous it is to work for Google at home - an increasingly common theme here in the early-morning Townhall comments. But no, just an interesting personal story. Not much different from my own work vs. life commuting experiences.
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Progressivism Kills

Disco Stu_ Wrote: Dec 25, 2014 8:54 AM
Yup. Helping the world to be a better place. Useful facts are certainly welcome. Uncertain "fact"-like information is acceptable, too. Reality-based factual information may safely be ignored if it might harm a good story theme. Or embarrass a particular politician, or abother devoted peer.
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No Longer a Republican

Disco Stu_ Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 6:58 AM
Cheers, Matt. My own departure was in January 2013, I believe most directly a result of Republicans failing - again - in their futile budget "battle" "negotiations". I believe Mitt Romney could have been a genuine success as President. I think he'd landed some solid blows on Obama, and he could have slammed him with the Benghazi failures and lies. But he and the GOP "leadership" were just too timid to go in for the kill. Afraid of any "mean" criticism of the black Prezzy, any little bit of MSM backlash. It's come down to both national political parties actively working against my principles and policy preferences. One of those parties should be taken back from the ruling class, to again actively oppose the constant leftist national agendas. What was once the national GOP might be a good choice, since it's "leaders" aren't really using it for anything of substance.
That's just wrong, to even suggest some creative evil racist tea-party-type could even think of doing such a thing. Yes, just wrong, I'm sure we all agree here. Perhaps we should all just volunteer for just a few hours of progressive re-education camp just for even reading such a hateful suggestion.
I'm totally with you on that one, Bliefus. I suggest adding, too, any politician whose brazen lies are both provable and materially damaging. This Prezzy immediately comes to mind.
Agree! Let's keep the Convention of the States process moving along. Keep hammering away at your local state legislators.
YES, indeed!
Thank you, Michael. Derek has a very sound proposal here that should be considered in the hoped-for Convention of States. We have to make that happen, working through our respective state legislatures. One additional feature I'd like to add to several of the new liberty-type Constitutional amendments being proposed: Any "Emergency"-type actions still being permitted (and Derek references such a circumstance in his essay; war declarations being an easy example) will be strictly TEMPORARY - expire each April (tax-filing month) and October (elections ahead). Such "emergency" actions may, of course, be renewed. However, the ruling class will be forced to be even more persuasive to we the people every six months.
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