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Senate Passes Bill to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

DisarmThemObama Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 2:10 PM
It's MUCH harder to buy a gun on the street here in Chicago since the gun laws. Sure, you can still do it f you have the connctions.....but it's harder.

The Senate voted early Tuesday morning 89-8 in favor of the scaled-down bipartisan package that would halt historic tax hikes for many Americans and postpone automatic spending cuts for two months. The bill will now go to the House, which is expected to be back in session at noon today.

The outlines of the deal Mr. McConnell and Mr. Biden worked out included raising tax rates for individuals making more than $400,000 and families with incomes more than $450,000, and extended unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless. It also continued a number of programs from Mr. Obama’s...