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I mean I may forgive, but I'll never forget
Amy, I'm sorry you had a bad visit on your last trip to Chicago. But id you dare to ever come back here, you will have a WORSE ONE. I may seem cheerful and glib and witty......but I remember every horrific thing you have posted to me. I may forget, but I'll never forgive
Hmmmmm, President Van Jones has a nice ring to it. I would vote for him! twice!
They will never keep me out of those boys' lives!
There arent many whites here to BE most wanted
He's a loser and should be discharged. But progressives are making excellent progress weeding out the troublemakers in the military
She's not looking very fresh and pretty these days.....kind of haggard and dowdy in that clip. bwahaha
What I DO know is that most murders are intra-racial. Perp and victim both the same race
I just read about some gun owner in Minnesota who proudly took his young son to a gun shop to buy tools of death. Then, accidentally shot and killed his son right outside the store! THIS happens more than murders! SUICIDES happen more than murder!
Our gun violence is not limited to cities is my point.
GMAB. Most African cities and villages are peaceful and have little to no gun violence
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