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Hey, he can have my tv. Its a piece of cra=p anyway. No Tv is worth a preciosu human life
They also tell us, the chances of dying by gun go up 75% if you own one
Statistics tell us crime is DOWN
I didnt know if you losers had heard of this story before. You seem to love posting about "black crime" so much
I hope it's just a matter of time until your dog steps on the trigger and blammo.
I'm not bleeding heart for him.....but if you "read between the lines" of the article, you can get a better picture of what went on. The woman was scared, hysterical....she emptied her gun into the guy who probably had no idea she was there and was surprised.
Home invasions are RARE in this country
EXACTLY Only a tiny minority of murders are starnger vs stranger
I thought it was evident from the article that she and the guy didnt know each other. Psychotic killers breaking in to murder people willy nilly only happens in slasher films and on "Criminal Minds"
I would. I happily would. But with all the DERANGED stalkers out to get me on Townhall, I cant take that risk.
Here's my argument against a gun-society. There's a big problem with fights after bars last call. Lately, there seems to be a lot of knife fights outside after, stemming from drunken fights. Now imagine these same drunken idiots, ARMED. Bars will become shooting galleries. Innocent club-goers, like myself, could nd up with a slug in their skull.
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