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progressive seagulls & crows want ta poop all ovah things & then squack about tha mess. Conservative Eagles soar high above tha mess. Unlike tha natural world; in tha political world Eagles are not a protected species. I hope Mr Paul is right about out tyrant bein' defeted @ tha polls. But I would like to ask this question, as it needs to be asked now not after tha election: What if Tyrant O refuses ta step down? I don't see it. I believe he doesn't intend ta step down. I believe he has a fabricated crisis simmerin' on tha back burnah & if not re-elected will turn up tha heat undah tha crisis so it will boil ...
... be comin' to AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, this fall. This will be all Tyrant Obama needs to declare Marshal Law & suspend tha CONSTITUTION, tha Most Sacred Document Evah conceived by tha mind of man. Don't say it can't happen. If someone had said just 10 years ago that we'd have a Muslim in tha WH most everyone would have said; "it can't happen", but it has. Do not undah estimate tha evil in tha world today that wants to destroy AMERICA in favor of tha new world order. Tyrant: One who attempts to usurp GOD's Sovereignty. Ayah!
What feckless? Wasn't it Rush Limbaugh that coined; "lamestream media? I love tha Rush, but I think he missed tha target on that one. Tha media is not lame, but quadriplegic . I've said evah since Tyrant Obama got elected that he will not step down if not re-elected. I realize nobody wants to think such, but it needs to be thot about & discussed. I believe Tyrant Obama has a crisis simmerin' on tha back burnah & will just turn up tha heat & when tha crisis boils ovah he will declare Marshal Law. Have believed fabricated crisis would blame Evangelicals & tha TEA Party. Someone on FOX last Friday said tha mideast riots may ...
What is all tha furor ovah? What violence? I can't find it. No mattah where I look on network TV I find peaceful Muslims eithah havin' a prayer meetin' or helpin' Christians to build churches. Tolerance, tolerance, all is tolerance. Give Obama 4 more years and we'll have heaven on earth. Even so, come quickly LORD JESUS, and delivah us from E-V-I-L !!! Ayah!
tha Greatest Nation Evah. if this happens our tyrant will just blame Conservatives, Evangelicals & tha TEA Party for their intolerance. File this undah "fundamental transformation" !!! Most definitely; "GOD bless AMERICA" !!! Tyrant: One who attempts to usurp GOD's Sovereignty. Ayah!
Tha Amateur, inept, short on foreign policy or just not acquired tha skills to be president; so say tha pundents & that's of course tha Conservative ones. What presidential skills dose one need to be tyrant? N-O-N-E !!! I've said for a long tigm, as far back as Nov '08, that Obama has no intension of steppin' down if not re-elected. He has a crisis simmerin' on tha back burnah & will just turn up tha heat & when tha crisis boils ovah he'll have an excuse to declare Marshal Law. This fabricated crisis will blame Evangelicals & tha Tea Party. Just yesterday I heard on FOX that tha mid-East riots may be comin' to AMERICA,
... simmerin' on tha back burnah. He'll just turn up tha heat undah tha crisis & when it boils ovah he'll declare Marshal Law. His fabricated crisis will make Evangelicals & tha TEA-Party tha blame. If these mid-east riots do come to AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, he won't need to fabricate a thing just blame us for incitin' Muslims to riot. File this undah "fundamental transformation" !!! Ayah!
Shouldn't we blame Barnicle & Deutsch? Are they not accessories aftah tha fact? Are they not co-conspiratahs for sidin' w/ Islam against AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, in past news coverage or more to tha point; news miscoverage? Guilty as charged!!! They should be sentenced to 5-10 reportin' from tha streets of Cario. Just yesterday someone on FOX-News was sayin' how these riots may be comin' to AMERICA this fall. If so; who will Barnicle & Co blame then? Islam? Evangelicals? TEA-Party? I've been sayin' for months I don't believe Obama has any intension of steppin' down if not re-elected & has a crisis ...
Bastards? Why I bet most of them don't even know who their true ancestahs were. Ayah!
Tha submissive apology may have come from embassy staff, but is directly influenced by tyrant Obama. But then again; what else can ya expect from our Islamist tyrant? He's submissive to tha whole world except his own country. This is tha very reason he refuses to; produce a legal birth certificate, release his college transcripts, enforce DOMA, or produce legally demanded documents concernin' F&F, as these would be submittin' to normal AMERICAN values. Tyrant: One who attempts to usurp GOD's Sovereignty. Whethah he wants to or not; Obama just might have to submit to normal AMERICAN values aftah Nov 6. Ayah!
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The Problem with Obama's Polls

DirtyDaveyDownEast Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 11:21 AM
AMEN !!! Brothah! Ayah!
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