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Deja Bill

dirt3 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 3:02 AM
Well Bill, you made it clear for us again...... We are heading for the "END OF THIS SYSTEM OF THINGS".... "LET YOUR KINGDOM COME, LET YOUR WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN"......

It’s just not the same. 

Yet, unfortunately, the Democratic tax machine in its propensity to tax, tax, tax, has tried to duplicate a specific moment in time. 

During the obligatory pomp and circumstance of Obama’s recent inauguration ceremony, the Democrats added to the pageantry as they displayed front and center the so-called architect of that said period, the infamous William Jefferson Clinton. 

The argument goes that the Clinton-era tax rates did nothing to forestall the growth that America was enjoying at that time. 

In fact, the liberals...