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George W. Bush: Painter-in-Chief?

diren Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 4:37 AM
George "Islam is a religeon of peace" and "illegal-aliens only come to the USA to "Work-The-System" should be allowed to massively-invade-infiltrate the USA, "All-at-Our-$300-Bln-yr-expense, "Because-America" is a "Nation of Immigrants" $cheming-$camming-Corrupt-Con-Artist-$windler, ME-oil-war-mongering-war-profiteer-$erving-war-criminal, Bush-2 Bill Anti-American, pro-Com-China-Mex-C-S-Amer-illegal-alien-invasion-ally-advocate-enabler, pro-deviant, corrupt-criminal-Collassal-Lying-US-Traitor, Clinton Barack Anti-American, pro-Com-China-Mex-C-S-Amer-illegal-alien-invasion-ally-advocate-enabler, pro-deviant, corrupt-criminal-Colossal-Lying-US-Traitor OBama GB-2-cntr/RINO-Neo-Con/Fake/cntr-right, B-C-left-cntr/mod,BHO-far-left/left-cntr.

I know, I know, that’s a horrendous headline but bear with me for a second. Ever since leaving public life, George W. Bush has kept a relatively low profile, presumably caring for his aged father and spending time with his family. (In truth, if I remember correctly, the former president made national headlines maybe once during the last election cycle). But because a deranged hacker essentially stole his emails and released them to the public, we now know a great deal more about 43 than we should ... including his penchant for the arts.

For those interested, you should...