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Marriage a la Mode

Diogenese_wy Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 2:48 PM
Stability, commitment and responsibility are all achievable without 'marriage'. The only reason the GBLT community seeks marriage is to have society legitimize their lifestyle and to force by law the religious community (the church) into accepting what the bible has condemned as a sin.
The American public's apparent surrender to same-sex marriage -- the Pew Research Center says 49 percent of us now support it, with just 44 percent opposed -- has been much remarked lately. I think I can explain it in part.

The problem is with the failure of the culture to take marriage itself with the seriousness it used to receive. Connected more with pleasure than with responsibility, marriage functions more and more as just as a set of personal preferences. If it feels good, tastes good, looks good, etc., -- hey, why not? If none of the above, never mind....