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Between the HBO series and this SNL take down, I think HBO is broadcasting the wrong series. I would be tempted to watch a series based on the SNL segment. TV needs more 'Blerta' characters, those willing to tell the truth and dispel the dogma that currently passes for infotainment.
A "liberal brain trust" is a three way oxymoron and so impossible, because if one has a brain then they are not a liberal and we all know that you can't trust liberals because they don't have a brain.
According to Diane Feinstein, assault weapons, all of those 'scary' looking guns that look like they are used by the military, should be banned outright.
Now you know why they are called "knee jerks". Liberal/progressive trait number 3: React first and think later.
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NRA Working With the....ACLU?

Diogenese_wy Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 5:37 PM
The enemy is not the NSA per se, it's our Federal government run amok and racing like a runaway train down a track toward totalitarianism.
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