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New Study: Americans Disturbingly Ignorant... I think this says it all.
"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!" Sir Walter Scott
Too little, way too little, and too late. This is another example of the hallmark of this administration: Never admit that you are wrong (Alinsky). This 'apology' constitutes a slap in the face of every American when the president essentially tells them that they got it wrong because they took what he said literally assuming that he was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As to his fixing the problem, it will go the same as the IRS, Bengahzi and 'fast and furious', nothing. Obama's idea of fixing something is to stall around and do nothing (except make speeches) until the problem is forgotten or overridden by other news. 2014, the year of revolution, vote em all out.
..."She said, 'I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,"... For the plebeian half-wits out there the rude awakening has begun, now the screaming starts.
Having been in the political scene in San Francisco during the 70's I can tell you that Harvey's predilection for underage boys was no secret, almost everyone knew including the press, but refused to say anything because it didn't fit into their agenda. Nothing has changed since the 70's inasmuch as a similar scenario of party and press ignoring negative events and associations occurred during the election of Obama in 08.
For those interested here's another take on the ACA rollout problems:
This is the kind of BS you get when half-wit ideologues are in charge. We need a change, a major change in how we do things in government. Vote Tea Party candidates in 2014/2016!
This just goes to prove that there is nothing too big to fail and the bigger it is the more apt it is to fail. We need smaller more efficient government that actually works run by people who can think ahead reasonably and aren't half-wits (liberals) Vote Tea Party candidates in 2014/2016!
California is just showing the rest of us exactly how far the half-wit leftists will go to attain their "utopian" society wherein everybody and everything will be dysfunctional. Vote Tea Party candidates in 2014/2016!
Expect more and more of this type of behavior because it's inevitable when you allow half-wits to take over your government. Vote Tea Party in 2014/2016!
You are right and those would be the northern counties that want to secede and join the southern Oregon counties who are like minded in regards to the liberal hold on state politics from the large metro areas. I just wonder what they would call their new state: Califore; Orecal; The state of "Independance" has a nice ring to it.
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