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Surreal Video: Amidst Angry Cries and Boos, Democrats Re-Insert God, Jerusalem into Platform

DIOGENES41 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 3:49 PM
Socialists and Communists never take responsibility for their actions and the consequences thereof. It is obvious from the sham vote taken at the Convention, that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by Communists and Left-wing Radicals. G-d, and the belief in Him, is the arch enemy of Communism. Every communist conquered country in history has been purged of G-d and any Religion. Those who refused to renounce G-d and their faith, quickly found themselves in prison, a Goulag, or in the case of the USSR, Siberia. What better place, than the Democratic National Convention, to openly purge G-d and faith, from their system. Communists do what Communists do.

We wrote about the extreme 2012 Democratic platform this morning, noting that it excludes God and Jerusalem, yet includes taxpayer-funded late term abortion.  Even the media found these decisions slightly unusual, leading to a noisy chorus of criticism that eventually built to a critical mass.  The decision was made to uproot the platform and undo the controversial language and omissions.  The problem?  The platform was formally adopted yesterday.  Democratic officials couldn't just quietly tweak the document behind closed doors; they had to put the modified platform up for another vote.  When they did so, chaos erupted.  In three separate...