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On the Debates

DIOGENES41 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 2:28 PM
Romney, is indeed fighting for all Americans. But, will he be given the chance to voice those beliefs in the debates? Just like the judge that threw out voter ID in Pennsylvania, to allow illegals and dead people to vote, so will the Left-Wing, MSM, liberal moderators for all three debates, stifle anything that makes the king look bad, or frame questions that make any answer a negative. Liberals are very slick at doing this. Romney will have to force the issues and cut off the liberal slanted questions, just as Newt Gingrich did in the primary debates. The question is. Does Romney have the fortitude to charge these liberals and make them look stupid?
Mitt Romney must use the debates to spotlight President Obama's disastrous record -- with no mercy.

Let's just consider a few major points Romney must make on domestic issues.

Obama's record and his agenda for a second term are a target-rich environment. Unless the majority of voting Americans have decided to embrace Obama's vision of a fundamentally changed America -- an America that barely resembles the freest, most prosperous and mightiest land in world history that we have come to adore -- then Obama will experience a crushing defeat in November.

Indeed, Romney should be unafraid to point out that Obama's thinking is out...