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I thought you were DEAD, racist old man. Not yet ah, but still collecting welfare, Right?.
WOW! The President's Ohio speech was MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!! Can't remember an election when the choice couldn't be simpler nor more stark. Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am looking forward to Obama leaving the White House. IN JANAUARY TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN!!!!!!!!
No I am not black but NOTHING is wrong being black. The President of the united states is a BLACK MAN. I am simply a TRUTH SEEKER, OLD lady. Obama 201!!!!!!!!
meant = dumped
Romney prefers Big Government and the abolishment of the Constitution..... Just what we need, Big Brother looking in on us 24/7. And this is the guy who blabs on and on about Freedom and the Constitution? Whose freedom? Fortunately - American people will never EVER let him reside in the W.H. Obama 2012!!!!!!!!
HA HA HA HA HA. FACT_FREE drivel, but still good satire. Bu thanks for the laugh, anderson.
Not a good satire, anderson. You need to improve your comedy (satire) material.
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