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Lying again, hah? Hey little neo-nazi - In America - We have something called FREEDOM OF RELIGION, naziazzole.
Camber - This 2012....NOT 1973 or 1873. Aside your vicious (false-based) attack on Sen Byrd -- the late senator was an American hero and a patriot. He was one of few senators who opposed the criminal Bush's Iraq war. If we had listened to Byrd...Five thousand American lives and one hundred million Iraqi lives would have been saved.
'Obama gave trillion dollars to the unions'???? HA HA HA HAHA Thanks for the laugh.
'parasites'?? You mean the neo-fascist teabaggers like YOU? Right?
Get you meds, old tuttle. Everybody knows you're Nazi's NAZI. That only thing that bothers me is that my skin color looks like the skin color of tuttle's and the so called majority in this country. I wish I was black.
tuttle the racist - Don't forget to wear your swastika during the rally, the Nazi rally in Tacoma tomorrow.
Romney's concession speech could be cool. He could give it on his car elevator and sink from view as he finishes. Obama 2012!!!!!!!
Republican War on Women. President Obama: "We don't need another political fight about ending a woman's RIGHT to choose, or getting rid of Planned Parenthood or TAKING AWAY access to affordable birth control. I want women to CONTROL their own health choices." Thank you for your POWERFUL speech. Mr. President. We will NEVER ...ever...go back to the terrorist-lynching days of the past. Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!
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