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So according to the Liberal outlook it's bad to insult Blacks but it's ok to insult Native Americans. You can't blame the Conservatives on this, it's your own twisted sense of right and wrong...
Someone needs to tell the leftist fools that you do not have to name every race, creed or whatever, if you are referring to women. If you delegate the term "women" - ALL women are included. How stupid are these people? This is not diversity, it is ignorance on their part.
Frankly, the fact that she has no clue that the Cherokee were plains Indians and had no access to crab and certainly did not make mayo proves she is lying. Wherever she came up with the recipes is irrelevant. She submitted recipes that she says were handed down from her Cherokee ancestors and knows that to be an outright lie. Anyone who would vote for a person who lies so readily for gain and who is too stupid to know when to give it up deserves the horror that having her as representative would entail.
When are they going to fine the schools for poor teaching? Isn't that what school is about? The schools are failing our children every day, but the Feds only care about whether they drink soda? While I agree that soda machines should not be in schools, I find this stupid. The 15K is going to come out of education funds and that is the last thing we need. It's time the Feds got serious about education.
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Boom: Romney Punches Back on Bain

dimart Wrote: May 15, 2012 2:59 AM
Why do you have no idea what Romney stands for? Try actually looking up the facts, the figures, his record, etc. It is everywhere - Not hidden from public view like Obama's recods. If you don't know, it's because you choose to be ignorant on the topic.
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