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CA teacher STILL an oxymoron
CA and teacher=oxymoron
Go do something anatomically impossible
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What Are McCain and Graham Thinking?

Dilligaf Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 9:17 PM
You mean he ISN'T on his payroll????
To Sux04free You are cluless. Too stupid to know and too stupid to know you don't know.
You crack yourself up don't you---LOL???!!!
The truth is you are the bigot. Because someone doesn't agrre with the direction of obama then you play the race card--I have no idea how you can possibly come to the conclusion that any of the posts you respond to are in any way racist. He could be glow in the dark green for all I care as long as he follows the Constituion and does whats right for the country not just push his agenda.
Why does anyone respond to aholeliberal--he just wants to get us off track just like all the paid libertards that get on here to try and stir things up. They're too stupid to know and too stupid to know they don't know. Mark Scott "Heads suspended in the fog of the great unknown".
And they were right!!
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