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Woman Hiding in Attic Shoots Intruder Five Times to Protect Her Children

DigitheadRex Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 10:03 PM
A lot of money for the average person to invest in a weapon they hopefully will never use. Best home defense is a pump shotgun loaded with birdshot no bigger than #5. At short ranges, it is devastating but it will not penetrate walls and offers very little threat to bystanders. That, the huge hole in the muzzle and the unmistakable sound makes it likely that an intruder will flee rather than confront an unknown quantity with a shotgun. It also doesn't require precision because any center mass hit is usually disabling if not fatal. Any perp who busts into an occupied home should know his life is forfeit.

It seems as though real life examples of guns saving -- rather than taking -- innocent life go largely unreported (or flat-out ignored) in the mainstream media. Therefore, I have decided to post the following must-read story in its entirety (via Cameron Gray):

A woman hiding in her attic with children shot an intruder multiple times before fleeing to safety Friday.

The incident happened at a home on Henderson Ridge Lane in Loganville around 1 p.m. The woman was working in an upstairs office when she spotted a strange man outside a window, according to Walton County Sheriff Joe...