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When you're trying to sell an unpopular idea, it is best not to ask the audience a question when you don't already know the answer.
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Veterans Aren’t Losers, Liberals

DigitheadRex Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 11:19 PM
I make it a practice to always thank a service person in uniform. I was humbled when one PFC shook my hand back and said "No, thank you for your support". It took me a while to swallow the lump in my throat.
This shutdown is all about the 'optics'. The Capitol Hill shooting was all done by police as the woman using a car as a weapons had no weapons (firearms) in the car. Doesn't keep the knee-jerk pundits from trying to lay blame on the NRA and Tea Party.
I recall Shelly Berman, in the 1960's referring to the Pseudointellectual man who died of thirst while debating the nature of a glass of water.
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