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This shutdown is all about the 'optics'. The Capitol Hill shooting was all done by police as the woman using a car as a weapons had no weapons (firearms) in the car. Doesn't keep the knee-jerk pundits from trying to lay blame on the NRA and Tea Party.
I recall Shelly Berman, in the 1960's referring to the Pseudointellectual man who died of thirst while debating the nature of a glass of water.
Very gutsy lady. Without her actions, it would have been much worse. She deserves all the praise she receives.
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MSNBC Has Full Deck of Race Cards

DigitheadRex Wrote: Aug 23, 2013 7:46 AM
It is truly amazing that people who haven't possessed a full deck in years can still play so many race cards.
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Never Take a Liberal to a Gun Fight

DigitheadRex Wrote: Aug 06, 2013 1:44 PM
So, if a guy has me down on the sidewalk smashing my head into a bloody pulp, I have no right to use deadly force to oppose him? I'll take my chances of being tried by twelve jurors than being carried by six pallbearers. You do not make the predator less lethal by disarming the prey.
I never thought a news outlet could completely destroy its own credibility in one article....until now.
The mayor of Chicago thinks the crime problem there is caused by lax gun laws elsewhere. Logic, intelligence and real "common sense" is apparently above his pay grade.
Make sure you have no more than seven candies in them.
The problem starts with a state where the possession of a license is probable cause to search and has a "presumptive evidence" clause in almost every gun law, turning technical violations into felonies. Another comment references unintended consequences but the consequences of the SAFE act were definitely intended. Criminalize honest citizens as a precursor to the state having a monopoly on force.
He values his wealth more than your liberty.
Big government is always, repeat always, the enemy of individual liberty.
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